The Better Generation "Love Hurts"

The Better Generation "Love Hurts"

Available 2/14 10AM CST ($50)

Love. Pain. Happiness.

Love hurts. It's a fact. Whether you just got your heart broken or you're deep in a committed relationship, love hurts. Symbolized by the "dot-art" styled used in this graphic, every word and action matters in relationship, just like every hand drawn line or placed dot collectively impacts the bigger picture. The constant overthinking of a relationship, symbolized by the plucked pedal. Thorns were added to the daisy stem to symbolized the constant risk of pain.

However, when perfect harmony is present, love is the most beautiful thing. Shown in detail on the front graphic.

Perfection is what we always look to achieve. We aim to tell a story behind our product releases and put maximum effort into everything we do. Thank you for your support <3