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TBG x New Era 'Houston Eagles' Fitted

TBG x New Era 'Houston Eagles' Fitted

TBG x New Era 'Houston Eagles' Fitted 

Sizes 7-8 ($55)

2.15 at 10 AM CST Online Only

To celebrate BHM we wanted to bring back a piece of Houston history. The Houston Eagle's was a team that brought forth the furthered break down of the color barrier in professional sports. Originally from Newark the team came to Houston in 1949. The team owners decided to combat the loss of revenue caused by integration by moving the team to a segregated southern town with a large African-American population and a rich baseball history. 

The team had a quick run in the records of Texas baseball history. The team faced a multitude of challenges, including low attendance and the fact that they had been established after Jackie Robinson had already broken the color barrier in the MLB. Today, their legacy showcases how integration was a huge part of the breakdown of racism and segregation within the United States. Once barriers were broken, there was little room to have teams not allow players of color into the true professional leagues.

Scipio Spinks, one of the OG’s in the Astros, played for the team between 1969 to 1971. This was only 4 years after the Astrodome was built and the Colt 45’s became the Astros. In his time playing, Scipio experienced a desegregated MLB that was just reaching the end of the Civil Rights movement. The Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964 only 5 years prior, meaning Scipio was not unaccustomed to racism and segregation in the cities he would travel to. Despite what he went through to be a professional baseball player, he knew it took dedication and grit to play in the big leagues. He never let any intimidation deter him from chasing his passion, baseball.

Scipio, after a career of professional scouting and coaching for the Astros, still lives and breathes baseball and is the head coach for UH Downtown. He loves passing down his knowledge of the game and experiences to the next generation of Baseball players. Teaching them not only exactly what it takes to be a pro, but also what it means to be a man. 

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