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TBG x New Era ‘Familia’

TBG x New Era ‘Familia’

TBG x New Era ‘Familia’
Sizes 7-8 ($55)

The vibrant and rich cultural tapestry of Latin culture has left an indelible mark on the world, influencing art, music, cuisine, and fashion. This cap was deeply inspired by Mexican Latin culture not only pays homage to the vivid colors and symbolic motifs but also serves as a celebration of diversity and inclusivity by embracing elements of Mexican heritage… “la familia es todo”

For this hat we asked ourselves, what is family? Family is the essence of unconditional love, forged through shared experiences and bound by unbreakable ties. It's a sanctuary of acceptance, loyalty, and the silent language of empathy, where one finds solace in times of need and celebration in moments of triumph. Beyond genetics, family embodies the profound connection of hearts, offering refuge in life's storms. 

First Come, First Serve on 3/9 @ 11 AM
Good Market @ 12-5 PM & Loteria with prizes at 1:30 PM

The Better Generation Store (Link in Bio)
4112 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77005

First Come, First Serve on 3/10 @ 9 AM & TBG App (Link in Bio)


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