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Kobe 8 Protro "Halo"

Kobe 8 Protro "Halo"

Kobe 8 Protro "Halo"

Men’s Sizes 5-16 ($180)


Available 8/23



*In-Store ONLY*


We will be doing 3 separate releases for these Kobe’s so you will have a multitude of options to participate and secure your pair!


Release 1

Basketball Pop-A-Shot

Time: Noon - 6 PM

Place: The Better Generation Store

4112 Washington Ave

This is not FCFS! This release is our general release method. Come ANYTIME between noon and 6 to sign up and play for a chance to secure your pair! You are playing for YOUR SIZE. Highest scores from the Pop-A-Shot will secure their pair of Kobe 8’s.


Release 2

3 Point Shootout 

Time: 3-5 PM

Place: The Better Generation Store

This release is FCFS! There will only be 10 pairs secured through this method. You will be playing against Better Generation Employees and must score higher than them in a 3 point shootout. If you win you automatically secure your pair of Kobe 8’s!



Release 3

2v2 Basketball Tournament

Time: 8 PM - Until finished

Place: The Better Generation Store

This release is our final run for the Kobe 8’s. There will only be ONE team that ends up securing their pair of Kobe 8’s for FREE! This will be an official tournament sponsored by The Better Generation to give true ball players a chance at securing! 16 Teams MAX so spaces will be limited! Sign up is at the store day of.

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