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Kobe 5 Protro Online Release

Kobe 5 Protro Online Release

Kobe 5 Protro Online Release 

TBG Fam! This is your opportunity to secure your pair of the Nike Kobe V Protro “PJ Tucker”. Similar to the previous release for the Tom Sacks GPS we want the community to participate in choosing who ultimately wins these shoes. To participate you must have a twitter account. 

Release Method Details


Kobe's legendary fade away was a staple from the court, to kids bedrooms and classrooms. Screaming “KOBEEEE” as they shoot a balled up piece of paper into the trash. We want to honor his legacy by giving people a chance to show off their best “Kobe” Shot. On top of that we want to see unique shots that are hard to mimic and give people the chance to really get creative with their post. 

To participate in this release and potentially win the Kobe V PJ Tucker we are asking y’all to send a video of a basketball related trick-shot (12/23) in mimicry of Kobe’s legendary clutch shots to secure victory in his basketball career. We will be looking for creativity in the trickshot. In the video you must verbally state “TBG” or have it written physically in the video. 

The trick-shot does not need to necessarily be into a basketball basket, it could be as simple as hitting a 360 fade away into the trash can. Maybe even get assistance from some friends 😉 Just get creative and have fun with it. 

Only select sizes are available (8,8.5,9,10.5,11,12,13) You must only enter for your size or a half size up. We will be verifying that it is your true size. 

12/23 we will send out a tweet where you can post your trickshot. Please add the size you are competing for in the caption of your video reply. 

The TBG team will then go through the entries and select the best, based on what we are looking for. Afterwards on 12/24 we will have the community vote on who they think had the best trickshots from the selected entries

Voting will only take place for one hour and will be occurring throughout Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas day, after collecting all information from the selected winners we will be sending out invoices!


  1. Have TBG written on a piece of paper or spoken verbally in the beginning of the video. As long as there is proof that it is for the TBG Contest and not just a random video off the internet. 
  2. State what size you are entering in twitter reply 


The Kobe 5 PJ Tucker Protro will be released online in limited sizing. We will only be releasing what was left over from our in-store drop and is not supposed to be a full size run. We will also go further and check accounts to make sure it is real people being able to win. NO brand new accounts will be able to participate and we will also be looking into the history of the person winning and any reselling or botting will automatically disqualify someone from being able to participate in the contest.

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