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Happy Dad X The Better Generation

Happy Dad X The Better Generation

The Better Generation and Happy Dad are teaming up for a 128 team Beer Pong Tournament. Bringing together the community for a semi-competitive skill based game for a day to always remember ;)

November 25th, Noon - 4PM & 4:30PM - 8:30PM
Championship game will be after the completion of both sessions

For your team buy-in you receive a free Happy Dad seltzer for your first round.


First: $2,000
Second: $500

Tournament rules:

  • Each team will show up to their table 5 minutes before their play time. The game will not start until both players from each team are present. If both team members are not present after 5 minutes that team will forfeit the game.
  • Each game will start with Eye-to-Eye (defined below). If Eye-to-Eye is taking too long the ref can choose to do a coin flip for which team will shoot first.
  • Two Re-racks (defined below) will be allowed for the entirety of the game. With the last two cups, if you reposition the cups from a horizontal line to a vertical line this will be considered a re-rack, not "gentlemen's".
  • A player's elbow should at no point pass the edge of the table at any time in their shooting motion. If a player is extending their elbow over the table at any point, the referee may require this player to take one step back from the table to stop this from happening.
  • If both players on the same team make an individual cup during their throwing turn, two cups will be removed, and the team will receive "balls back" (defined below). If both players make the same cup within their throwing turn, then 3 cups will be removed by the opposing team.
  • While the opposing team is on their throwing turn the opposing team needs to step back from the table and not cover the cups with their hands or distract the throwing team in any way.
  • If a cup is made, the opposing team must remove the ball from the cup before the second team member proceeds to shoot.
  • If the same player hits 2 cups consecutively, the player must call "heating up". If the same player hits a 3rd cup consecutively, then that player is now on "Fire" (defined below). If "balls back" and "fire" is made on the same turn, then the player on fire will receive two shots. The first shot will be their "balls back" shot and the second shot will be their "fire" shot. If the "balls back" shot is missed but the "fire" shot is made, the players "fire" is still active.
  • Redemption: If all cups are made, the game isn’t over yet. Your opponents now have the opportunity to totally redeem themselves by shooting at their remaining cups until they miss. Any remaining re-racks can be used at this time. If both players miss and cups still remain on the table, the game is over. If all remaining cups are made, the game proceeds to overtime
  • Overtime: If over time is needed, then one cup is set for each team and the first team to sink their shot wins the game. No redemption is available for overtime.
  • Water will be poured in the gameplay cups. Once a cup is made, there is an honor system for a drink to be taken. 
  • If a cup is knocked over then that cup is removed from the game. However, players that are "pegging" cups to knock them over will have a 2 cup penalty. Referee's have final decision. 
  • No bouncing will be allowed for this tournament.
  • No behind the back or left handed throwing will be allowed for this tournament
  • No fingering or blowing will be allowed for this tournament
  • No islands will be allowed for this tournament
  • Any team that loses in the first round will be able to buy back in for a $30 buy-in fee if there are any available first round slots not being played in.

Eye-to-Eye: When a game between new opponents begins, the “eye-to-eye” rule is used to determine who goes first. For example, a player from each team shoots while looking each other in the eyes while doing so. If both cups are made, the process starts over. If team A makes a cup and team B misses, then team A goes first.

Re-racks: This refers to re-arranging cups in a specific pattern during the course of play. The cups can be arranged at the back of the table in a pattern of their choosing, say a diamond, straight line (“line ‘em up), or christmas tree (triangle with a two-cup base). There’s a lot of room for creativity here.

Balls Back: If you and your partner both make cups during your turn, you get to shoot again. This is referred to as “balls back” since your opponents need to remove the made cups and return them to you. You do not get to re-rack in this scenario, as this is considered a bonus or mid-turn play.

Fire: If a player makes two shots in a row during separate turns, the player may call “heating up” to announce their streak. If they make a third shot on the next turn, they call “fire” and are allowed to shoot over and over again until they miss. Keep in mind that if the player does not call “heating up” at the end of their second turn, they are not eligible for “fire” and the game continues normally.

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