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Air Jordan 1 High OG "Heirloom"

Air Jordan 1 High OG "Heirloom"

Air Jordan 1 High OG "Heirloom"

Mens Sizes 4-14 ($180)


Available on 09/23 at a RANDOM time
Twitter Special Release (Details Released at Launch)
Follow us on Twitter @ TBGeneration (Link in Bio)
Make sure to have notifications on for Twitter and TBG App

Release Instructions
- Follow us on Twitter @ TBGeneration
- We will send out a tweet at a random time on 09/23 (Turn on tweet notifications)
- We will ask for a video or photo from you for verification
- You must follow all instructions stated to win
- Shoes will be released first come first serve based on timestamps
- DM us anytime for any questions

Who is Lolita? Houston's next up female rapper signed to the Mo City Don, Z-Ro. Turning One Deep Entertainment into two. Originally from Mo City, Lolita has made her mark with her music and continues to show how much talent Houston has to offer. Lolita is what's next for One Deep Entertainment and for the Houston sound. 


We capture Lolita in the studio to show her work flow and style.

When in the studio there plenty of movement. Everyone moves to the music so then its time to record, you're ready to go. 

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